Prabhakar Gupta

I'm a student, pursuing my Bachelors of Engineering (B.E.) in Information Technology (I.T.) from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

Internship Experiences

Summer Internship 2016

I started in B2C team and worked on Feedback module, but in the later half of my 2 month long internship I was shifted to Research and Development (RnD) team where I started leaning about Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. I also took up the project to revamp the official HackerEarth Challenges Chrome Extension
I also finished 4th in HackerEarth's internal hackathon, we built a module which could optimize the image size by upto 90% without compromising the quality of image.

  • Worked on FeedBots to automatically push data from multiple blogs on HackerEarth user feed based on user interests
  • Developed crawler to fetch data from 1M+ pages, then give relevant tags and categorize pages using NLP
  • Wrote a customizable Django module to take user feedback regarding di×erent views on the website. Uses REDIS and MySQL for storing the responses of users. It can simply be integrated over any view as a decorator
  • Reduced page load time by removing useless middleware and made module to compress images (reduced by ~0.4 s)
  • Worked on HackerEarth’s official challenges chrome extension, for more user participation in various events

Winter Internship 2015

Developed the initial working prototype of the Andriod app including all the core features which are still being used in the production app.

  • Developed the core backend for the android application in PHP using MySQL database
  • Designed the database schema in order to achieve optimized performance for applications
  • Devised a mechanism to raise request in a certain distance radius to all the service providers depending on their availability and user location

Summer Internship 2015

"If you have a problem, solve it with RegEx.
Now you have two problems"

I learnt endless things about technology and other related stuff here. Office and real work enviroment alongside a table of pool, I got to learn how things are done a big organization and how every person is directly or indirectly dependent on all the other people.
  • Used Laravel 4.2 PHP MVC framework for developing the backend of Content Management System
  • Implemented RESTful Resource Controllers for streamlining the data flow
  • Used Eloquent ORM for building queries in order to GET and POST data from MySQL databases
  • Used Blade Templating and Extended Blades for rendering the views in web portal
  • Implemented underscore-dot templates and JQuery, AJAX calls for updating data in database
  • Devised data parsers for extracting the data from differnt websites
  • Used RegEx to sort this data and then modify & store the data for appropriate application usage

Summer Internship 2014

I learnt front end web designing during my internship here. HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3.3.4 and Bootstrap 2.3.2 frameworks were things I learnt and implemented by creating the UI for the company's website -

  • Developed the User Interface of the company’s website using HTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap Framework, JavaScript and JQuery library
  • Differentiated the target verticals portal-wise i.e. Food and Beverage, Events, Retail etc.
  • Included the visual display for the live experience of app from the past work (one of its kind feature)
  • Built and maintained client mobile applications using company's Content Management System (CMS)
  • Provided ongoing technical support in other projects as needed – Graphic designing, comprehensive coding

My Projects' Directory


VertiKin is an e-commerce platform which allows the user to search through various products. It has a one-of-its-kind feature of automatically detecting what user might be interested in buying in near future.
VertiKin Mobile app learns from user inputs on his phone (we do not read passwords and private information, so the user can be assured of his security). This data is sent to the VertiKin server, where using Natural language processing (NLP), important information is extracted and using frequency as a parameter, it tries to find if the user is interested in buying some product or not. If so, a GCM push notification is sent to the user.
Let's say VertiKin realised user wants to buy product A, but user did not want it, we give him a small feedback form, where he simply needs to click No and VertiKin would improve the suggestion from next time. User starts with a DEFAULT_THRESHOLD and according to the user feedback, user threshold changes by THRESHOLD_DELTA.

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WhatsApp Reader

WhatsApp Reader is a PHP based web based application to easily see your chats with your friends in a familiar user interface of WhatsApp, because reading from the backup text file is too boring. It asks you to upload the ".txt" file of your chat. You can get the ".txt" file from the Email Conversation button in your WhatsApp.

It may not be 100% correct, since I simply built this to read a piece of chat I found in my Inbox, and I hope it is useful for several others like me.

Live Demo Fork on Github

Travel Mate

A must-have android app for all the travellers who are visiting a city for the first time. The app provides them with everything from Planning to their Journey and also from Journey to the destination. The platform basically uses a mash-up technology. We have tried to include solutions for every possible problem the traveller might face during the course of his entire journey.
While travelling from one place to another, there are a lot of factors to be considered in order to make the trip a memorable one. Our platform helps the traveller with anything and everything that he might need from the moment he plans the journey till the time he is back home happy and content. The platform includes a wide variety of options - from the selection of Mode of Transport to finding out about the destination city to the provision of best music, novels depending on the mood of the traveller.

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Library Management System

An automated system to manage the Library services of a library (initially intended to be the central library of NSIT)
The backend of the system is developed on Laravel 4.2 PHP MVC Framework and the front end is built on Edmin Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template which is built over Bootstrap v2.2.2 using jQuery 1.9.1 and Underscore-Dot-JS

  • Easy-to-understand panel for librarians and admins to approve or reject students (who apply for a library card) and add new books to library database
  • Students, without any need to login, can search for books available in library and raise a request for new books to be brought in library
  • Librarians can keep a track of all the issues of all the books and all the students by simply knowing their respective IDs

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github email

Python package to get a list of email IDs of any valid GitHub user from one function call even if there are no public emails for that user.
It checks for all the public commits of the user and if the name of the author of commit is same as the name of user, it fetches that email ID.

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GitHub Classifier

A browser extension to linguistically classify and count the number of repositories according to filters for any user on GitHub.

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GitHub Email Extractor

A browser extension to fetch the email ID of a user even if they haven't made it public on their GitHub profile.

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Village Connect

In simpler terms, the idea is to create a local interweb which enables the rural areas' residents to consume internet data without even getting connected to the internet.
If 100 people from a village want to access some particular educational videos, rather than making all of 100 of them to download those videos at their own ends, central hub will have those videos saved on the system. Anyone who is connected to the local network of the central hub, will be able to access and watch those videos as if they were present on their own local system.

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github email

Command line utility to check the status of any website by getting status code of the website or simple True - False i.e., if it is up or not using command line or as a python module

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Easy Paste

A browser extension to keep all your frequently used profile links just a click away. It helps you keep all your frequently used profile links handy. It lets you save these links and use them anywhere with just a click.
It will help you apply for jobs and create profiles in a jiffy. Just click and voila! you have the link by your side. It helps you get rid of the hassle of opening a new tab, reaching a particular URL and then copying it before the link can be put to some use.

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Follow Me or Not

A browser extension to check if the GitHub profile you are visiting, follows you or not in a Twitter-like UI

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WhatsApp Emoticons

A browser extension to convert text smileys to WhatsApp Emoticons to make life simple while using WhatsApp Web

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Date Info Getter

This webapp allows you to find some information including which all movies released on any specific date. It also tells you about any historical event which occurred on that day. Just to be sure you never go empty handed it also lets you know the day of week on that date using Zeller's algorithm (some high level mathematics)

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Image Extractor

It is a simple web based application made in native PHP which extracts all the images on any web link. Just enter the URL of the website and get all the images which are publicly visible on that page. It works for almost all the websites.

It can also be used in other projects as an API. API takes address of target website and gives URLs of all the extracted images as a JSON array.

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Real-time Twitter Hashtags

Real-time Twitter Hashtags is a web based application which provides you with the Hot Trends using Twitter Hastags from India. These are not the hastags which we see as "Trending" on Twitter We made this just to learn stuff and made it overnight.

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Strategy Game

The objective of the game is to maximize the Area/Land (kingdom) under the control of each House. This is done by battling the other Houses using the Army units under the control of each House. More army units can be purchased from Army pits by using Gold (Money), a certain amount of which has been allotted to each House at the start of the game.

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Mobile Store Estimotifier

The idea of Mobile Store Estimotifier is to put one Estimote beacon in each mobile service center and with that users can get numerous facilities. The data related to that specific mobile service center, along with the Estimote beacon ID, are uploaded on the cloud MySQL database.
Features of the project being:

  • User gets notified as soon as he enters proximity of the store
  • All the services offered in the store are automatically shown to the user
  • Easily locate nearby mobile service centers and stores
  • Show call logs to help the user chose the best mobile plan
  • One touch instant chat for easy communication

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Technical Achievements

"Swastha Bharat" Award

Code For India Hackathon 2015

Sponsored by Google, Tech Mahindra, accenture Digital, Global Hackathon for Digital and Skilled India in honor of PM Modi's visit to Silicon Valley.
Made an android platform on the theme "TIME TO GIVE BACK" to help the students who wish to do some volunteer work.

  • We recommended him the best suited projects for him based on his previous experience and interests.
  • All the projects were divided in multiple categories (35 in total) and based on the interests of the volunteer student, we gave him the weight for each category.
  • After some usage of platform, we can use the weights for each category and use it to recommend him the best projects
  • Showing volunteer projects on the basis of his interests would obviously fetch more of his attention.

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September 27, 2015

2nd position

InOut Hackathon 2015

Sponsored by Google, Twitter, DuckDuckGo, Facebook, Flatchat, Hackerrank, etc. It was a 30-hrs software hackathon and the theme was "Connecting the disconnected India".

  • Connected systems without the internet by providing instant message, file transfer, broadcast & video chat services
  • Central Hub can download data from the internet and other systems can access data when the internet is not there
  • Interconnected systems can video chat, send messages, files and other media to each other without internet

  • Google’s Best Documentation Award
  • Best DuckDuckGo Service Incorporation Award

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October 31, 2015 - November 1, 2015

1st Runners Up

HackIIITD 2015

Sponsored by Estimote, Github, cloudboost, vmWare, Micromax. Overnight Hackathon organized in ESYA 2015, IIIT-D. Made an android platform to solve the problem of events in Delhi. Currently there is no platform to show all the events happening in Delhi.

  • Recommended the users events based on their interests.
  • Simple UI for users to access the events and find additional information about the events like nearby restaurants, look out spots and other.

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August 21, 2015 - August 22, 2015

5th Position

Android Hackathon 2015

Sponsored by Google Developers Group, Coding Blocks. Overnight Android Hackathon organized by IEEE-NSIT. Automated the Central Library in NSIT.

  • Students could simply issue and return books from the app itself. They can also browse books and know about the late fine they need to pay to library.

April 25, 2015 - April 26, 2015

Startups i am / was associated with


CollegeGapp, is a one stop platform for all the college students who are currently situated in Delhi and looking for some college level event to attend.

Android App Link


Appify4u aims to act as a platform to connect the common people and the general ideas they come up with while going on with their life. Under my areas of responsibility lies the smooth development of mobile applications and also the maintainence and development of the web portal for the company.

Work Done (Front End)

College societies / initiatives

Web Team Lead & Lead Backend Developer

NSITonline is the semi-official web portal of our college and is accessed by almost every student in college for updates, information and happenings on the campus.
Under my areas of responsibilities are:

  • maintaining the website's content and design (currently on Joomla CMS)
  • building new tools like an Authorized Timetable uploader and Teacher Profile System for students' use
  • implemented PHP based API for usage in NSIT Connect (the official android app of NSIT)
  • started the GitHub organization profile for encouraging the usage of open source systems and Git amongst web team members

Website GitHub Organization

Director, Technology and Web Operations

CSI NSIT is the computer science and technological society of NSIT. We aim at bridging the gap between the technology and academia of the institute. We encourage other students to delve into the world of computer science and technology by providing ample amount of opportunities and the right platform to hone their skills.
Under my areas of responsibilities are:

  • managing and maintaining web portal of the society
  • designed the current version of the main website and shifted the platform from Joomla to HTML-CSS to improve customizability
  • organizing different events and competitions to promote different technologies and their cultures among students
  • started the GitHub organization profile for encouraging the usage of open source systems and Git amongst web team members

Website GitHub Organization

Head Organizer

Hack@NSIT is the annual Software Hackathon of NSIT. 2016 edition organized on 9th and 10th of April'16, saw a total number of registrations over 600 and was sponsored by companies like Google, Mozilla, MLH, AWS, Domain-Dot-Com, HackerEarth, HackerRank, Kayako, Red Bull, etc.
Under my areas of responsibilities are:

  • managing a team of 20 people
  • responsible for sponsorship, logistics and finances
  • maintaining the website for the hackathon where students could register for the event

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